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plamrun - simplify running packages on the Palm® SDK webOS® phone emulator

this program is not affiliated with Palm, Inc. Palm and webOS are trademarks of Palm, Inc.

example usage:

plamrun HelloWorld --loglevel=20

install, and run the HelloWorld program on your emulator, with Mojo.Log output

plamrun HelloWorld --stop

this will stop HelloWorld and uninstall it from your emulator.

plamrun HelloWorld --loglevel=99

set the loglevel to 99 (framework_config.json logLevel, shows all Mojo.Log msgs)

plamrun HelloWorld --verbose

print more detail about the running proces

plamrun HelloWorld --rerun

this will stop HelloWorld, uninstall it, repack it, reinstall it, and rerun it
(usually unnecessary. normal installation automatically does an uninstall)

plamrun HelloWorld --nolog

don't print the logging messages

plamrun HelloWorld --dochecks

check if the program is already installed/running before continuing

plamrun HelloWorld --breakstop

when you hit ctrl-c to stop showing the log, normally plamrun allows
the program to keep running on the emulator. if you use this option,
it will stop the program and uninstall it from the emulator.

= Getting HelloWorld =

HelloWorld comes with the SDK. You can copy it to your home directory
and play with it there.

cp -a /opt/PalmSDK/Current/share/samplecode/tutorial/HelloWorld .
palm-emulator &
(wait for emulator to boot)
plamrun HelloWorld --loglevel=20


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plamrun on a slightly modified HelloWorld, showing messages

plamrun HelloWorld --verbose

Wait.. there's a Palm® phone emulator?

Yes. Yes there is. You can get it by signing up for the Palm® Developer program over at and downloading the SDK (software development kit). They had a 'free signup' period in early 2010 but by now it might cost some good amount of money ($100 USD or so)

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This is the plamrun project ("plamrun")

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Scripts to aid in packing, installing, and running programs for the Palm SDK(R) for webOS(R).

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